Upcoming Issues

Fall 2009 Deadline for submissions is October 25th. Open topic issue.

Spring 2010 Deadline for submissions is March 15th 2010. Special topic:

Princesses, magic, talking donkeys—Oh my! Vampires are coming out into the light of day, wizards are saving the world, and you as a reader are captivated by all of these fantastical tales.

In the spring of 2010, Theocrit will launch a special issue entitled “Bedtime Stories.” We are looking for talented writers to submit their essays on fairytales, myths, legends, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and anything of the supernatural variety. This includes, but is not limited to, the tales of the Grimm Brothers, Twilight, Harry Potter, Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Snow White, or Lord of the Rings. The deadline is March 15, 2010. Normal submission guidelines apply.


Manuscripts should be sent as Microsoft Word attachments to Jennifer Dean, Editor-in-Chief at theocrit@sfasu.edu. The attachment must be accompanied by an email message with name, institution, classification, and contact information, including email address and phone number. A short note outlining areas of literary study and interest should also be included. Theocrit uses a “blind review” process, thus essays should have all identifying markers removed. Send essays as Word 2003 documents to insure that the file can be accessed.

Essays should range between 1200-3500 words, or 5-15 pages, of double-spaced text, including all endnotes and Works Cited pages. Essays must be written in active voice, using third person perspective. Submissions should be well-crafted, polished pieces of thoughtful criticism and analysis.

Theocrit follows the Modern Language Association format for documentation. Refer to the MLA Handbook for Writing Research Papers, 6th ed. and the MLA Style Manual, 2nd ed. The style manual provides guidelines regarding style matters, and the handbook outlines citation guidelines for source material.

Essays are expected to be carefully proofread, adhering to the style guidelines outlined above. Essays that do not meet the word requirements will not be considered. Students must be registered as undergraduates at the time of submission.

Once an essay is accepted, it is important that contributors insure that their manuscript is up to date before publication. Authors should verify all facts and dates for accuracy, as well as double-check their quotations, in-text citations, and their Works Cited page.

Any inquiries regarding the submission guidelines should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief.